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Athletes Go For Gold With Red Spots BlazingNPR.org, 2016

‘Nose-y’ Bacteria Could Yield A New Way To Fight InfectionNPR.org, 2016

Turning Down The Background Noise Could Help Toddlers LearnNPR.org, 2016

What Puts The Waddle In The Walk Of Moms-To-Be?NPR.org, 2016

Ecology and Evolution

Fruit fly hybrids make poor foragers, offering insight into how species remain distinct – PNAS Front Matter, 2017

The Microbiome of Green Design – BioScience, 2016

Lizard gets to grips with city life by evolving stickier feetNew Scientist, 2016

Food and Food Science

This Modern Meadery Is Making Honey Wine Hip – With HopsNPR.org, 2016

Meet Hing: The Secret-Weapon Spice Of Indian CuisineNPR.org, 2016

Water Ice, Philly’s Classic Summer Cooler, Gets Hot Across The CountryNPR.org, 2016

Slice, Dice, Chop Or Julienne: Does The Cut Change The Flavor?NPR.org, 2016

Book Reviews and Author Q&As

Behind the Scenes, Between the Lines, A review of Hope Jahren’s “Lab Girl” – American Scientist, 2016

How The Microbes Inside Us Went From Enemies To Purported Superhealers, A Q&A with author Ed Yong about “I Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life” – NPR.org, 2016

Science Careers

Study System EnvyNaturejobs Blog, 2016

Confessions of a Herbarium-Savvy Field BiologistAmerican Scientist’s Macroscope Blog, 2015

Roadside ScienceNature, 2013

Why does the new LEGO scientist work all night? Naturejobs Blog, 2013